Philips無線電話(子母機) D1302B


Keep it simple

The Philips D130 Cordless Phone packs smart and essential functions in a fresh and engaging design. With excellent sound reproduction and intuitive features, just plug & play to enjoy all your conversations with great clarity and ease

Automatic Volume Control offsets unwanted volume variation

Automatic Volume Control offsets variations in sound signal, which can be caused by distance, signal strength or the caller's phone - so what you hear always remains consistent. Reducing the audio amplification for strong signals, and increasing it for weak ones, it means you can enjoy a smooth conversation without unwanted sound volume variation.

Caller ID – so you always know who is calling*

Sometimes it is good to know who is calling before you answer. And our Caller ID lets you keep track of who is on the other end of the line.

Ultimate convenience through easy setup

Ultimate convenience through easy set up. Simplified installation - Plug & Play product.

此產品可自選: (1)TAC辦公室或 (2)KITEC辦公室領取 

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2) 九龍灣展貿徑1號九龍灣國際展貿中心11樓1123


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