ASFAWATER 200ppm Disinfectant & Deodorization Spray (ENHANCED 1L + Spray Bottle 300ml)

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Spray Bottle set Includes:

- ASFAWATER 200ppm Disinfectant & Deodorization Spray(ENHANCED 1L)
- High pressure spray bottle(300ml)

ASFAWATER 200ppm Disinfectant & Deodorization Spray(ENHANCED 1L)
Derived from leading Japanese technology, ASFA disinfectant and deodorisation spray's active ingredient (hypochlorous acid) can kill 99.999%* of bacteria quickly , viruses, fungi and spores. It decomposes allergens, formaldehyde VOCs, remove smoke and mildew odor without any harmful residue. Alcohol-free, non-irritant and sensitive# to skin. It can be applied directly to hands, air and surfaces for disinfection. ASFA spray is baby, pregnancy and pet friendly. The enhanced version of ASFAWATER can more effectively deal with the new crown epidemic. The British BluTest laboratory has confirmed that the enhanced version of ASFAWATER can effectively kill >99.999%* of COVID-19 new coronavirus within 15 seconds. The disinfection data is the fastest and most effective in Hong Kong, and the deodorization is faster!

Directions: Spray into the air, on hands or surfaces; repeat as necessary.

Spray bottle
Capacity: 300ml
Spray bottle outputs about 1ml of disinfectant spray per spray. The atomization is relatively fine. It is suitable for improving personal and family hygiene, including spraying on the surface of the human body and objects, disinfecting children's rooms/toys/baby stroller, disinfecting and deodorizing toilets and kitchens , Bedroom disinfection to reduce allergens (dust mites), air disinfection, compartment disinfection and deodorization, vegetable and fruit degerming and pesticide removal and other household applications. When spraying, you need to pay attention to the amount of spraying and atomization, adjust the number of spraying and reuse according to the actual hygienic situation (in order to achieve the best effect, it is recommended to spray at a distance of 20-30cm from the object).

When using for the first time, please add ASFAWATER, tighten the bottle cap, and press the spray head repeatedly to increase the air pressure in the bottle, the number of presses varies from about 5 to 10 times.

For external use only, stop using and consult with doctor if any irritation persist
For best results, do not mix with chemicals, acidic/alkaline solution
Store in cool and dry place, and away from sunlight

*According to microbiological tests carried out by internationally accredited laboratories. Under standard laboratory conditions, ASFA Spary kills 99.999% of E. coil, staphylococcus aureus, pseudomons aeruginosa, candida albicans, streptocaccus pneumoniae in 15 seconds. Please refer to ASFAWATER official website for international certifications (Only Chinese version is available).

#According to the skin reaction and sensitivity test conducted by an independent laboratory using this product in 2018 and 2023, ASFAWATER was confirmed to be non-toxic through oral administration, non-irritating and harmless to intact and damaged skin, suitable for sensitive skin and eczema skin. Please refer to ASFAWATER official website for international certifications (Only Chinese version is available).

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