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Coating Features:
1) Using Korean Curling 6-layer professional coating technology, it has excellent non-stick effect, passed 1,000,000 wear-resistant tests, and complies with Japanese JIS standards. Coating materials have passed FDA international standards, high-quality materials, safe and reliable.
2) The coating is composed of many coatings to strengthen the protection of the surface of the kitchenware and form a super scratch-resistant and wear-resistant ability.
3) The thickness of the coating exceeds 60 microns, and the surface is not prone to cracks, making the kitchen utensils more durable.
4) Only a small amount of cooking oil is needed for cooking, which is convenient and environmentally friendly.
5) Does not contain PFOA harmful substances, safe and healthy.

1) Extra-thick cast aluminum pot technology, extremely fast heat transfer, can quickly cook food with only a small fire, saving time and energy.
2) There is a special energy-gathering ring at the bottom, which can lock the flame in the ring, so that the heat can be quickly distributed to the entire pot body, which has the effect of extremely rapid heating and energy saving.
3) Standing tempered glass cover, the cooking process is clear at a glance, and the glass cover can also be placed on the stand during cooking, saving space.
4) The unique design of the arc-shaped pot body and the flat bottom makes it easier to stir-fry food during the cooking process. (for wok only)
5) The steam vent is designed to prevent the juice from overflowing due to excessive steam.
6) Non-slip Bakelite handle and cover, comfortable to hold, safe and heat-insulated.
7) All made in Korea.
8) Suitable for induction cooker and other kinds of stoves.
9) Dimensions: 24(W)X15.8(H) cm
10) Capacity: 5.8 liters

HKBN will email a “Notification of Product/Premium Redemption”("redemption email”) to customers’ registered email address at Shoppy within 7 working days upon successfully complete the purchase order.  Customers must pick up products they purchased at designated "AT+ Shop" and at designated redemption period stated on the redemption email. Customers must present the redemption email to our staff for verification before pick up the products. Please keep safe of the redemption email.

Product is subject to availability & the redemption date is subject to stock availability and logistic arrangement. Products sold at Shoppy cannot be refunded and exchanged. In case of any disputes, the decision of HKBN shall be final and conclusive.

Redemption at designated "AT+ Shop"
Address: Room 703, 7/F, Block A, Hong Kong Industrial Centre, No. 489-491, Castle Peak Road
Business hour: Mon to Fri 10:00am - 07:00pm; Sat 10:00am - 02:00pm (except Public Holidays)
Contact phone number: 35946439

Important Notes of AT+ Products:
1) When customers collect any product(s) at "AT+ Shop", customers shall immediately verify whether the product model shown on the package is the same as the chosen product. Customers shall sign the “Acknowledgement Receipt of HKBN Product/Premium Redemption” (if applicable), no return, exchange or refund requests will be accepted.
2) If product defect occurs during the warranty period (if applicable), please bring the product and Shoppy Purchase Receipt to the service center of the manufacturer / supplier for examination and repair.
3) In case of any disputes, the decision of HKBN shall be final and conclusive.

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