MOMAX - Power Stone Mini Outdoor power station 40000mAh PB03

Color: Black
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Momax Power Stone Mini Outdoor power station 40000mAh PB03
40000mAh large capacity, IP67 waterproof and dustproof, USB uses special waterproof devices, suitable for various outdoor scenes, 2A2C design with large capacity and large output, and a temperature control switch at the battery end to ensure safe use
Transparent design | Continuation of Momax industrial aesthetic design
100W fast charging | can be used for high-power devices such as laptops
2C2A configuration | Charge up to 4 products at the same time
Built-in LED lighting | It can be used as outdoor lighting or as an ambient light
TFT multi-function display | instant status at a glance

Product Specification:
USB-C1 input: PD100W
USB-C2 input: PD30W
USB-C1+C2 input: PD65W + PD 30W
USB-C1 output:PD100W
USB-C2 output: PD30W
USB-A1/A2 output: QC18W
USB-C1+C2 output: PD60W + PD30W
USB-C1+A1/A2 output: PD60W + QC18W
USB-C2+A1/A2 output: PD30W + QC18W
USB-A1+A2 output: 5V3A
USB-C1+C2+A1/A2 output: PD45W + PD30W + QC18W
USB-C2+A1+A2 output: PD30W + 5V3A
Multi-port output: PD45W + PD30W + 5V3A
size: 128*63*78mm
Comes in the box: DC21   1m 100W USB-C cable

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