NEX I6 Instant Water Dispenser Filter 3 Packs

Supplier Delivery

- Can filter 150 liters, and 75 jugs of water

- Filter fine to 0.5 micron substances, can remove scale, heavy metals, chlorine, bacteria

- Materials - Silver Ion, Activated Carbon

- Comply with multiple European LGA testing standards and food-grade quality certification

Merchant will contact the customers by phone call and confirm the shipment within 5 working days upon receiving the purchase order. This product will be delivered by the merchant directly, courier will contact the customers and confirm the pick-up date and time before shipping. 

Product is subject to supplier's availability & the shipment is subject to stock availability and logistic arrangement.

Products sold at Shoppy cannot be refunded and exchanged. In case of any disputes, the decision of HKBN shall be final and conclusive.

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