Zenox Saturn-MK2 Gaming Chair (Leather)

Color: Carbon
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Zenox Saturn-MK2 Gaming Chair (Leather)

All New Pillow Upgrade
The Saturn Mk-2 comes with a complimentaryt set of Magnetic Headrest & Lumbar Support Pillows that can quicksnap onto the chair with great ease of readjustments.

Differing from conventional pillows made of molded foam material, these High-Density Memory Foam Pillows is soft to the touch and moulds to your unique shape while providing excellent support to your back and neck.

Keeping You Cool
The headrest pillow has an extra Cooling-Gel Layer that cools you down when heat naturally builds up in longer gaming sessions.

Leather Or Fabric
The Saturn Mk-2 comes with Both Leather & Fabric Upholstery Option.

An upholstery of Frosted Synthetic Leather (PU & PVC) provides a scratch, water, and odor resistant surface for the Saturn series that allows heavy usage with minimum maintenance. The extra frosting process on the synthetic leather gives it a much smoother texture.

The All-New Smooth-Knit Fabric option in comparison is soft to the touch with a breathable surface yet remain as scratch-resistant as its leather counterpart.

Game in Comfort
The Saturn Mk-2 classic U-shaped seat base is constructed with Double-Padded High Density Foam that keeps you centred-in to accommodate extensive gaming sessions, with extra room on the sides for repositioning.

Fit For All Desks
Adjust your 4D Adjustable PU Padded Armrests' to find your optimal configuration. Align it with your desk's height when in use; lower it to slide your chair under the desk to save up space. The extra forward and backward adjustability allows you to rest your elbow at your preferred distance.

The Magnetised Cover opens up options for user to swap their armrest covers into other materials and colors of their choosing.

Personalise Your Armrest
The Magnetised Cover opens up options for user to swap their armrest covers into other materials and colors of their choosing.

Effortless Assembly
The addition of a Guiding Rail with Magnetised Side-cover on the side of the backrest makes the chair assembly process even easier than before.

Built to Last
The Saturn Mk-2's Reinforced Nylon Wheelbase is able to support up to 120kg in weight, the wheel base is paired with a set of PU Dual-Wheel Casters that is suitable to traverse on both hard and soft surfaces.

Recommended for:
Height: 160-190cm
Weight: <120kg

SKU: Z-6223
Warranty: 1-Year (Hardware)
Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy
Upholstery: Frosted PU Leather / Smoothknit Fabric
Logo Stitching: Machine Embroidery
Headrest Pillow: Memory Foam Magnetic Pillow with Cooling Gel
Lumbar Support Pillow: Memory Foam Magnetic Pillow
Armrests: PU 4D with Magnetic Cover
Gas Lift: Class 4
Wheelbase: Reinforced Nylon
Wheels: PU Coated
Colour Options:
Leather: Carbon / Sky Blue / Red / Pink

Width: 73.5cm
Depth: 51cm
Min. Height: 121cm
Max. Height: 129cm
Seat Width: 37cm
Seat Depth: 51m
Seat Height: 10cm
Armrest-to-Armrest: 68.5-73.5cm
Backrest Length: 84cm
Backrest Width: 57cm
Base Width: 72cm

Package Info
Package Size: 88cm x 66m x 33cm
Net Weight / Gross Weight: 15.6 / 24.4kg

Package Content:
1 x Installation Manual
1 x Headrest Pillow
1 x Lumbar Pillow
1 x Backrest with Side Covers
1 x Seat
1 x Tilt Mechanism
2 x Armrests
1 x Wheelbase
1 x Gas Lift with Cover
5 x Wheels

Warranty Detail
Warranty period: 12 months
Address: Room 201-202,  2/F, Mega Trade Centre, 1 Mei Wan Street, Tsuen Wan (Booking required)
Office hours: Monday – Friday: 1200 - 1700; Closed on Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays
Hotline:  8481 7841

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