SAMSUNG Wind Free™ Air conditioner (Single Split Type) 1 outdoor unit AR12TXHAAWKXSH + 1 indoor unit 1.5HP AR12TXHAAWKNSH

Supplier Delivery

SAMSUNG Air conditioner (Single-Split Type)
1 outdoor unit AR12TXHAAWKXSH 3.5KW +
1 indoor units AR12TXHAAWKNSH 3.5KW

Warranty Period : 1 Year Warranty & 3 years compressor warranty
Provided By : Samsung
Contact : 3698 4698

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This item was sold and will be delivered directly by "DAIWA-WISHING ENGINEERING LTD".

Supplier will call to confirm the delivery address within 2 working days and delivery schedule. For delivery enquiries, Hotline: (852) 2187 3498 WhatsApp: (852) 6398 6738

"DAIWA-WISHING ENGINEERING LTD" will provide free shipping. Free shipping to the Hong Kong and Kowloon New Territories.

Delivery time for Tung Chung, Discovery Bay and Ma Wan is Monday and Thursday.

Shipping fee of HK$200 is required for Discovery Bay / Ma Wan. For other areas and village houses, please consult the customer service hotline for additional quotations.

Up and down stairs are charged separately, and the service charge is $150/floor per piece (one floor for every 8 stairs). .

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